Daydream | Maroon Cotton Dress | Epitome of comfort and class

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The lovechild of comfort and confidence,

It is effortlessly elegant. All you have to do it to slip it on and that’s it, the look is complete. This elegant wardrobe piece is very premium and has a beautiful finish.

With a slit at the bottom, it teases the feminity yet with the buttons carries your pride high.

Pair it up with right heels and a wrist band to add on to the look.

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Fabric: Cotton

Color: Maroon

Made of the age-old dependable fabric, COTTON. It’s breathable and helps soak up the sweat when you are working hard. It controls moisture and hence helping you avoid any sort of allergies. It is durable and sustainable. Further, it is biodegradable and cruelty-free. Like we said before, DEPENDABLE.


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