Our Story


Basically launched on 11th November 2019 and has been aggressively conquering its market. Basically is a clothing brand including Basics and Formals. they have emerged as a brand for women who are ambitious, who work hard, grind like no one. We provide only the best quality to our customers. Women have so much more to their personality than their clothes so we focused on providing the women space to express themselves and dress up their basics in their style. We especially emphasize on women’s formals as most working women spend the majority of their time in office and commute. Women’s formals in India needed BASICALLY so women can have functional and practical clothes, which are comfortable, breathable and can be worn throughout the day. We wanted to create clothes that can allow you to work hard the entire day, sweat when you are running towards your dreams and still look breathtaking while doing all of it. 

All Women Company

The best part of Basically is that it’s an all women-run company. Not only do we cater to all the needs of working women when it comes to workwear but we are also dedicated to making more women working in India. We go to every nook and corner of the country and find the most talented women tailors, test their capabilities, select and train the best of them to get the most optimum outcome. 

“Created for working women, by creating more working women” – Sanskriti Mishra (Founder and CEO)

Functional Clothing

We believe in purposeful and functional fashion. Clothes don’t define you but clothes that can help you define yourself better. We are building a niche by curating as well as originating the best and most loved Basics across the fashion hubs. Basically outfits are best for Office, party after that or just Netflix binging at home. For days when you want to move mountains and for days when you just want to be buried under one. We want to be there with you, on the best days and on the worst nights.